Your Eating Clock

Breakfast should be hot and light and not greasy or huge. A typical breakfast can be cooked oats with honey and cinnamon. Cold or dried cereals with cold milk and raw fruits should be avoided in the morning. You can also skip breakfast if you are not feeling hungry as this is not the most important meal of the day.


From 11 am to 12pm is when your digestive power is at its highest and this is when you should eat your main meal of the day.


From 2pm to 6pm is your most creative time so don’t dull your sense with fried snacks or pastries.  Some people might feel sleepy at this time, by all means take a nap.

From 6pm to 10pm your body returns to the digestive energy of the morning, remember this is more of the quieting down period rather than the waking up period as in the morning. Keep meals light here too. Avoid fatty, spicy foods for dinner. The lighter you eat in the evening the more refreshed you will feel in the morning.


From 10pm to 2am is the time for sleep, although your digestive energy will be peaking again, this just means that your body will be “digesting” and “processing” your days activities, thoughts and meals.

From 2am to 6am, is the time for dreams and if you are awake the best time for meditation and exercise. If you feel agitated during this time, try yoga, tai chi etc. You could take a hot shower or have a cup of hot tea.


Have you ever wondered why you get the munchies around 10am, feel sleepy in the afternoon, or wake up at 4am anxious? Simply, our digestive energies during the day changes from hour to hour but are consistently the same each day.

Description of the Eating Clock

Our energies during the day changes from hour to hour but are consistently the same each day.

This is due to which element is dominate during that time of day. Since our digestive energies are also different during the day, we should also eat accordingly.

ayurvedic clock.png

We have been traditionally taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to the chart this is when digestive energy is the weakest (6am – 10am).

Hereby eating at this time could lead to laziness and overweight.

Therefore one should rise early and exercise. Exercise does not have to be strenuous, it can be a walk or yoga or stretches or vigorous breathing exercises.

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