Overweight and Obesity

Way forward

The first step to maintaining or reaching our ideal body weight is change the way we think about healthy weight loss. This process is a lifestyle change that should be maintained lifelong. As this is the only way we will stay healthy and live happier lives. Our 5 step program consists of Collection of your lifestyle & medical data, Evaluation of your data, Planning your changes, Implementing the changes and finally Follow ups on your progress.

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5 Step Program

  • Collection of data: You will be required to send us your medical and lifestyle history. Once you have decided to use our services, we will contact via email requesting this information and the necessary documents to be filled in. All your information will be sent via your secure email address and nothing will appear on our website or shared publicly.

  • Evaluation of your data: Once your data has been received, your assigned dietitian will calculate your needs according to your medical and lifestyle history.

  • Planning your changes: Your diet and lifestyle changes will be incorporated in a menu plan, exercise regimen and mindfulness program taking into account the information your have sent us.
  • Implementing the changes: This step is all in your hands as the changes suggested is in your plan must be implemented by you alone.
  • Support: We will be in contact with you constantly to follow up on your progress and to encourage you. We are available to answer any of your queries.

The Background

Millions of people worldwide suffer from this dreaded "disease" of obesity. Is this a vanity or actual medical issue? Can obesity affect your health? We have many client's who claim that it is a family trait, or they are healthy as they are. We prescribe to the mantra of  eat healthy and live healthy. Gone are the days of eating copious amounts of food and still being within your BMI. The simple equation of what you put in should equal what you put  out.  We are not as active as our grandparents; we work more at desks, walk less, physical activity is severely deficient. We also work longer hours, rest less, screen time has become a pandemic. We interact physically with people less as we are absorbed into the cyber world. As result we care less about what goes into our bodies, as long as our physical hunger is satiated. As result we have to find our way back to nature and holistic living.