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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Welcome to EatHappi. Thank you for clicking on the site and we hope it is helpful to you.

Over the aeons there have been many a wise man that has had their thoughts on health and nutrition, Buddha, Hippocrates etc. So called eating healthy has become mind boggling from the thousands of blogs and websites to controversial "scientific"studies; we are left looking like a deer caught in headlights!

Where do we start? Who do we take advice from? What is the right food to eat? Aaagh! It is so frustrating that we end up eating what we grew up with and is easiest to prepare or purchase. Which is not bad if our parents were not brainwashed by "food" companies and were so trusting that these companies had our health as their primary concern.

So let's take a step further back to our grand and great grand parents, where there still existed some sort of traditional eating and ancient knowledge. Its the simplest thing---- we are taught in life and by instinct; that going back to the basics is the solution. Here at EatHappi, this is our mission to clear the mind from the nonsense and marketing gimmicks so we can eat simpler, healthier and happier.

Join us in our journey in debunking fad diets, nutritional myths and providing sound practical advice and information tailored to your cultural, personal needs. Please go through the website for articles, recipes and blogs. You can contact us for a personalized diet plan or advice at our email.

We leave you with another quote by Hippocrates:

" Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

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